DE4THRACE: Slippery Slope

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Palgy is one of the founding members of the electro-rockers, VHS Or Beta. Through the newfangled project, DE4THRACE, the artist turn his focus toward a darker direction, firmly based on the electronic rock and dance punk sound which distinguished his band as one of the most popular indie acts of the early 2000s, yet, very much diversified from it.

New track, Slippery Slope, takes cues from darkwave, cyberpunk and film music, and comes across as an all around tough to place and to describe entity of its own which even verges on post rock.

"I am heavily inspired by horror films, drone music, shoegaze, and synthwave," Palgy comments. "I think this EP is a reflection of those influences mixed with the anguish of the year 2020 in general," he says about the just released, The Michael EP, which Slippery Slope opens to a moody start, going from there into more psychedelic synthwave areas, all well crafted and very interesting to experience.

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