D//E Premiere: Trace Amount: Gloss Of Life - Episode II: Medicated Escape Simulations

Brooklyn-based visual artist and industrial producer, Brandon Gallagher aka Trace Amount, collaborates with San Diego-based composer, Chris Darton aka BTKGOD, on a very ambitious project which has already been underway through its recently revealed first part.

Gloss Of Life : Episode II pushes further forward the artist's creative vision, and combines the ultra moody instrumental strength which is partly industrial goth prone and partly more modernized synthwave, with strong, highly saturated and effected visuals of cyberpunk aesthetics, constructing an engaging narrative. Both the visual and the musical elements become imperative ingredients of what makes the final result that much gripping, and while the levels of experimentation are quite extensive, the whole venture's narrative can be exciting to follow.

Gallagher had been creating visuals for punk and hardcore bands before the conception of Trace Amount, and he's been working in various mediums like album artwork, video editing, and merchandise design, and his experience, both as a producer and a visual artist, seems to be yielding results in relation to the new project.

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