D//E Playlist: Stream And Destroy Vol. 26

In a gradual way we came to treat Stream And Destroy more like articles which offer additional coverage rather than playlists, and that's what feels appropriate to be continue doing in the future. Based on the model of last month's volume in which we presented double the amount of tracks instead of the usual dozen, we came to the conclusion that these posts don't need to follow that much of a strict format, and that they can be as long and as inclusive as they need to be.

Vol.26 presents the attention-grabbing tracks D//E didn't cover properly during October 2020.

Sweden's Beverly Kills follow their recent EP with another example of their sharp and accessible post punk sound, while Tiger's Jaw flaunt a full on power pop mode on new single, Cat's Cradle, as they announce their anticipated next album, I Won't Care How You Remember Me, due out next year through Hopeless. 

Fresh from the release of a solid new EP on Secretly Canadian, Helen Ballentine's Skullcrusher, unveils another couple of pieces of indie folk moodiness, one of which was a nice Radiohead cover, still, the artist's original compositions are the ones which should be drawing the attention. Mannequin Pussy did great covering Rilo Kiley though, without going very much out of their way nor aiming for something much diverse from the original song. 

Mamalarky released another single and video off their coming full length on Fire Talk Records, and Men I Trust continue with the same soulful and jazzy approach to their indie dreampop which made their latest album so appealing. 

Holy Sons, the project of Emil Amos, mainly know through psychedelic stoner rock acts like Om and Grails, will be putting out a new double album via Thrill Jockey, and Slow to Run finds him collaborating with Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley. Justin K. Broadrick’s Jesu unveiled another gazey example off Terminus, the project's coming full length, while Gared O'Donnell and Neil Keener from Planes Mistaken For Stars formed new act, Blunt Razors which seems to be exploring more of their post rock tendencies. The great pg.lost have a new album ready, Oscillate, scheduled to arrive on November 20th, 2020 via Pelagic Records, and with first single, Suffering, they verify that they are still one of those post rock acts which will always deserve more appreciation.

Orchestral music and extreme black metal don't come together neither organically nor easily, and even if they do, it's rare that they appear as intriguing as Liturgy's Origin of the Alimonies opera, which is now getting a regular album release, and becomes introduced with the unsurprisingly intricate, Lonely OIOION.

New York heavy rockers Tombs are back with their coming album, Under Sullen Skies, releasing in November 2020 via Season Of Mist, and the very reliable UK post hardcore band, Employed To Serve, come forth with a much dynamic two-song release.

Steadily forward thinking and experimenting, Viviankrist will be releasing a 4 x cassette tape boxset next month, including home recordings composed over the last couple of years, one of which is Heavy Sleep, introduced with the absorbing 3am.

Beverly Kills - Trophy Hunt
Tigers Jaw - Cat's Cradle
Skullcrusher - Farm 
Mannequin Pussy - The Execution Of All Things
Mamalarky - You Make Me Smile
Men I Trust - Lucky Sue
Holy Sons - Slow to Run
Jesu - Alone
Blunt Razors - Amber Waves
pg.lost - Suffering 
Liturgy - Lonely OIOION
TOMBS - Bone Furnace
Employed To Serve - Party's Over
Viviankrist - 3am

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