Bestial Mouths: The Loss

Bestial Mouths has been around for quite a while, and has built a well deserved reputation in the darkwave realm. Since the release of last year's INSHROUDSS the project conceived and led by Lynette Cerezo seems to be heading toward a culminating point, and the recent full length, RESURRECTEDINBLACK, gives further rise to that ascent.

The mantra-like starkness of The Loss becomes Bestial Mouths' spine-chilling newest single, accompanied by an immersive video mostly filmed underwater by Sandy Holmes (Elemental Eyes Photography) during Lynette's stay in Florida. 

"We dive into this world without fear, but as days, years spiral past us, we/the light darkens, suspending us in the aspic of memory and disbelief," Lynette Cerezo comments. "You are not the only one—we all carry it, are carried by it. Once broken, no soul can truly ever be whole. We tear pieces from each other, placing them into us, into the Next. Who will notice what is missing in/from us —when we move into the light, what frayed horror will be shown?"

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