Bestial Mouths: Dry as Dust

Bestial Mouths approach the more energetic, more gothic club-bent and danceable aspects of their excellent darkwave through Dry as Dust, one the many highlights found in the project's new full length, RESURRECTEDINBLACK. The album comes out on vinyl on October 31th, 2020, via Rune & Ruin Records.

Lynette Cerezo combines forces with director Vicente Cordero on a new video created to accompany the song, and the result is a picturesque post apocalyptic realm made partly of rubble and barrenness, and partly of vivid colorful lights against a dark backdrop. Collectedly it shocks for its amazing aesthetics, the penetratingly sharp production, and as always the deep emotiveness in the vocal execution.

"What I will say is that it was an honor to work with such an expressionistic artist and I am humbled and flattered to combine visions and create this abstract video, rarely do I get the opportunity to be solely abstract and I feel the video captures the song beautifully," says the video's director, Vicente Cordero.

"Once held on a pedestal, enshrined in a capsule of ideal perfection and beauty ~ all glass gets shattered ~ sharp edges leave stains (stains never leave and turn to hate)," shares Lynette.

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