Adult Books: Innocence

After four years of inactivity Los Angeles indie rockers, Adult Books release new track, Innocence, an astute post punk piece recorded with Johnny Bell (Crystal Antlers), and mastered by Dave Cooley (Ariel Pink, Animal Collective). 

Main composer and multi-instrumentalist, ​Nick Winfrey, once again bases the strengths of his songwriting to the sharp-witted lyricism next to the solid instrumentals and production. The very much lively and smart Innocence parallels the end of a demanding relationship and the subsequent setting of boundaries, with part of an ancient Greek sacrificial ritual in which a priest would paint the sacrificial bull's horns gold, slaughter the animal, and have the participants wrap the the fat around its bones. They would burn them as an offering, and keep valuable part of the bull, the meat, for themselves.

Musically Innocence comes across rather memorable and like an apt continuation of the band's previous material, revealing Adult Books in great form after their long hiatus. 

The band's lineup is rounded out by Sina Salessi​ (drums) and ​Alex Galindo (guitar, synth). Innocence is out now through Taxi Gauche Records.

Cover artwork by Jeff Fribourg and Mattea Perrotta.

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