Uniform: Life in Remission

Life In Remission is the latest single coming from the brilliant new album, Shame, by New York act Uniform, already out through Sacred Bones. The song comes with a very artistic and visually compelling video, directed by A. F Cortes.

"The lyrics of Life In Remission deal with loss, guilt, and the facade of a stable life," says vocalist Michael Berdan. "It’s about the persistent voice in my head constantly telling me that I’m a fraud and urging me toward self destruction. It’s about becoming numb to tragedy. It’s about seeing those around me suffer and die and knowing all too well that it just as easily could have been me a million times over. It’s a song of equal parts anger, regret, and cold despondency."

The video director A.F Cortes adds: "With this video, I wanted to use the body as a communication tool of chaos. A deconstruction story told through ritual and action. Two friends’ bond is gone wrong from a visceral and perverse perspective. Inspired by abstract expressionism, instead of playing opposites with the music, I wanted to match its intensity like a Jackson Pollock painting, a piece that feels filthy, messy, claustrophobic, yet beautiful and contained."


Band photo by Ebru Yildiz

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