SUNDR: I've Forgotten How To Be Alone

Solar Ships will be the new album by Melbourne-based post metal/sludge band, SUNDR, releasing September 18th, 2020 via Crucible. First single, the almost 11-minute stunner, I've Forgotten How To Be Alone, is a piece of exceedingly weighty broodiness, composed of dense instrumentals, apt production, and an edgy almost otherworldly vocal delivery full of raw emotion.

I’ve Forgotten How To Be Alone was the first line of lyrics written for the album,” says vocalist and lyricist, Scott Curtis. “The song is about ‘the tragedy we don’t talk about’, anxiety, fear and depression silently creeping into our homes and lives, even in the seemingly mundane aspects of life, through illness both mental and physical, and our instinct in our modern society to push these things aside, internalise them, constantly distract ourselves until they have a stronghold on our life, changing the physical appearance of ones home, self and relationships. Lyrically I think this song is the most straight forward and a good representation of the overall concept.

SUNDR are Scott Curtis (vocals, lyrics), Troy Power (guitars, vocals), Reyer Boekelaar (bass) and Dan Neumann (drums, percussion).

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