Primo Danger: Welcome Son

Dallas-based indie punks, Primo Danger. emerged recently with a few fine early singles which they now follow with their first EP, Welcome Son, continuing to flesh out their knack for traditional punk rock, combined with a more contemporary alternative rock sensibility.

The EP's very lively title track is themed on the concept of depression, and finds its protagonist yielding to alcoholism and taking a more detached approach instead of aiming at the problem directly, while it uses a more unconventional narrative to tell its story.

Demonstrative lyrically, dense instrumentally and very much gritty as to the production and the band's ardent delivery, Welcome Son is a solid manifestation of the Primo Danger's take on punk rock, steadfast and quirky at the same time, handling both melody and distortion equally well, and bringing forth a dynamic and immediately winsome result.

Band photo courtesy of Primo Danger

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