Pram Of Dogs: Existence

Matter - Anti, the first album by experimental/minimal electronica act, Pram Of Dogs, has just been out through Phantom Limb imprint, Spirituals Record, laying out the project's flair for compelling atmospheres, its inherent cinematic properties and strong eye for visuals.

The recently unveiled video for Teeth is now followed by an equally stark clip for the track Existence, one of the album's brilliant ambient moments. Austere on the whole, Existence is also lavishly textured, and absorbing in its gleaming minimalism, and stands like an accurate embodiment of the entire album's character. 

Pram Of Dogs describes Matter - Anti as "a score to a film that doesn’t exist," still, the images that the music itself originates, together with the great aesthetics of the videos thus far, make up for something that doesn't lack in anything, neither visually nor musically.


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