Pharaoh Overlord: Without Song All Will Perish

For something inherently unconventional and genre bending, Pharaoh Overlord return with their sixth album, simply named 6, introduced by the more interestingly titled and overall very much intriguing, Without Song All Will Perish.

The current duo of Tomi Leppänen and Jussi Lehtisalo continue experimenting with krautrock and EBM like they did on the previous, 5, and take things a bit further with the inclusion of frequent collaborator, Aaron Turner, who puts his own brutal spin on the song through his caustic vocals and strong lyrics.

Tomi and Jussi provided Turner with their new material and asked him to contribute to a couple of songs within a short time frame, however, he ended up writing lyrics for the entire LP, keeping in mind the raw, yet, multifarious industrial sound of acts like Killing Joke and Leatherface.

"I was also thinking of Drawing Down The Moon era Beherit where the music had gone almost entirely electronic and the only vestige of the metal aesthetic that remained was the vocal style," Aaron Turner says.  "That rub of 'artificial' music and organic/humanistic/off kilter vocals was intriguing for me."

6 releases November 13th, 2020.

Photo courtesy of Pharaoh Overlord

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