Erotic Secrets of Pompeii: Rorschach Rorschach

Coming from Bristol, UK, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii, are a fresh post punk band which doesn't hold back its proclivity to explore a few of the genre's equivalent styles, and implement more than a few diverse elements to the its emphatic sound, resulting in something thoroughly artful and agitated.

The band's new single, Rorschach Rorschach, draws inspiration from the radical psychoanalyst's famous inkblots, and it sounds comparable to both the deranged darkness of The Birthday Party, and the tenacity of Protomartyr, ultimately appearing like a piece which comfortably bridges the past and present of the artful side of punk rock. The song's strong production is certainly one of its first qualities deserved to be praised, together with a confident performance by the rising band, while the composition's krautrock monotony mingled with a noise rock vibrancy give off something which feels at the same time approachable and experimental.

Originating from a band which lifts its logo from Kenneth Anger, and its sound from many commendable things in post punk's recent history, one shouldn't be expecting any less intrigue.


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