Bound: The Bellows

Washington, DC post rockers, Bound, will be following their solid debut album, No Beyond, from 2018 with new full length, Haunts, expected out on October 1st, 2020, and introduced with the very much ambitious first offering, The Bellows.

Everything that made No Beyond such a compelling listen feels again existent and imperative in the new composition's very full five minutes. In such little time the band manages to lay out their mastery at shoegazey tension, overemphasize on the post rocking outbursts which feel both unsettling and cathartic, present their keenness on spellbinding melody by way of the emotive vocals, and show their love for progressive rock, as well their overall proclivity for impetuous exploration.

Heaviness and frailty are once more brought in contrast to one another as co-existing and interdependent tenors in the band's sound, and ultimately The Bellows introduces a very promising record which musically and thematically is most likely going to magnetize its audience.

Without revealing much about its origins, Haunts, is an aptly titled record for both the unearthliness which the music conveys, and the stories that it narrates, ones about places marked by a lingering and enticing kind of energy.


Band photo by Farrah Skeiky

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