Pure Adult: Mise En Scène

By way of their first recordings and their intense live act, New York's Pure Adult have made fans out of IDLES' Joe Talbot and Oliver Ackermann of A Place to Bury Strangers, unsurprisingly so, given the band's proneness toward an avant garde and forward looking post punk sound which mingles elements from noise rock, krautrock, hardcore punk and experimental passages which even flirt with jazz, all amalgamated into an ultra bizarre assortment.

Mise en Scène, their newest single, borrows its ideological terminology from theorist Jean Baudrillard, panopticism and simulacra, and it is a cry of existential distress, a work of dystopian hyper-reality, arriving alongside an equally perturbing, surrealistic video.

Pure Adult are composed of Jeremy Snyder and Bianca Abarca. Mise en Scène follows the duo's self-titled EP from 2019, and it was put together at Brooklyn’s Studio G and the rising act's home studio. “A lot of the sections of this song were recorded completely separately, on different days with different recording setups and pieced together later,” Snyder explains. “I’m very inspired by bands like This Heat who were known for this kind of experimentation.

Joe Talbot describes his fondness of Pure Adult: “They marry all that I love in music and violence. And like all good pugilists, they win.” Acordingly, Oliver Ackermann says: “The pure raw energy of the band captivates and doesn’t let up.


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