Jupiter Sprites: Ocean of You

Jupiter Sprites is a dreampop quartet from Olympia, WA, whose sound slants toward the genre's experimental side, and while it seems to be established clearly on nineties alternative rock and shoegaze, the band's compositions often appear rather unpredictable.

New single, Ocean of You, is a psychedelic dreampop cut whose kaleidoscopic blissfulness explores modern electronica territories and feels tough to place safely within the borders of a certain style, until half way through its exploratory four minutes the song expands into a into a dazedly lush and enchanting piece that exposes its dreampop over-sentimentality.

Ocean of You is the opening piece of the band's upcoming debut album, Holographic, which comes out on October 16th, 2020.

Jupiter Sprites are Max Keena (vocals, guitar), Mike Elliott (drums), Alicia Capp (vocals, synth) and Portia Capp (bass, harmonies).

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