Bavarian darkwave act, DIAF, come into view as a very nice surprise and a worth checking out fresh voice for the darker part of underground post punk, blending together elements from coldwave, minimal synth and neofolk into something pretty tense, atypical and fitting to post apocalyptic themes and concepts.

Not out of place with neither the pop sensibility of Falco nor with the more industrial bent goth darkness of acts like Das Ich or Clan Of Xymox, NACHT is the latest single off WEIDA, a really well conceived and immensely dark full length which is out through Young & Cold Records, and makes for a great debut for the rising act.

The song comes with an eye catching, deep red-colored video which adds to the music's fine obscurity. Like an almost out of nowhere, yet, quite cultivated and well realized new discovery, DIAF show sureness in their ability to put together a debut work which feels bleak and lively at the same time.


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