Acid Womb: The Upheaval

For something immensely heavy and fully unconventional, Ontario's Acid Womb come up with a powerful, weighty sound which draws from old school death metal and modern hardcore, and culminates in a compound that's totally fresh, alive with energy and completely the band's own.

Acid Womb have released a couple of singles thus far, the latest of which is the feverish savagery of The Upheaval, a boisterous piece with enormous instrumental power, expressive, deeply growling vocals and a fascinating compositional structure which sets the bar pretty high, as the band prepare for the release of their upcoming debut EP, Grief, expected soon.

Although it doesn't design around the standards and the main virtues of death metal in general, Acid Womb's early work takes extreme metal heaviness to a new level in an odd and very much propitious manner.


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