Trvss: New Distances

New Distances is the upcoming sophomore album by Pittsburgh post hardcore/noise rock band, Trvss, which follows their debut, Absence, from 2019. The new album arrives July 31st, 2020, and its composed of nine tracks that lay out the band's extremely heavy noise rock sound which features passages of grunge, sludge and hardcore, and carries an all around punk mindset.

Like a weightier version of Fugazi or The Jesus Lizard, New Distances is founded on tight song structures and easily digestible guitar riffs which certify the writing's memorability, and come opposed to the extremity outlined by the rawness of the band's performance and the edginess of their striking and rather unmissable vocals. Trvss' delivery is constantly abrasive and unapologetic and something that defines all nine tracks. The songwriting feels very out front, yet, much more matured than what it was on their previous effort just a year ago.

In A Sense begins the album in a splendid manner, and immediately brings to mind the underground ethos of Amphetamine Reptile, while album highlights like the concise Early Pornographers and the more avantgardistic The Ventriloquist Always Has The Last Laugh, nothing but reaffirm the how Trvss come forth as a very much consummated hardcore act which in very little time came through with a full length incredibly frank, and worth experienced at the loudest possible volume.

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