Moon Pics: flwr

Brazilian musician Adriano Caiado's dreampop project, Moon Pics, returns with an immersive, hypnotizing new single and its accompanying video which was directed and edited by Xavier Braun. flwr is a direct piece lavish with alluring wistfulness and plain lyricism, delivered in an utterly emotional way, and sounding utterly spacious to the point of abstraction.

The new song is part of suni / flwr, a two-song release which harnesses the existential qualities in Caiado's songwriting, and finds the promising musician exploring the possibilities of his sound, limited to the boundaries set by both the completely DIY creative  setting and the worldwide pandemic.

"flwr came out when I stopped searching for sound textures and started to reflect more on the melodies and harmonies," Adriano reveals. "I don't remember having recorded 'flwr' - I do that a lot now, picking up my phone and recording when I feel inspired and then go to sleep. When I came back in the archives, I liked this one, it was just vocals and guitar. I sliced ​​it all up, made a sample of this recording and superimposed all other instruments.

"It is the opposite of suni; flwr is slow with a lot of tape saturation and a lyric reflecting a pleasant feeling. It reminds me of Pygmalion from Slowdive and Disintegration Loops from Basinski, along with Grouper."

Video directed & edited by Xavier Braun

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