Millenium Cowboy: Wilson Tanner

Millenium Cowboy is the experimental electronica act by Adelaide musician, Harriet Fraser-Barbour (Workhorse, Fair Maiden, Ripple Effect Band, Introduction!) which borrows its name from Madonna's persona at the turn of the century, while musically the project cites inspiration from more eclectic sources like Julee Cruise, The Space Lady and Enya. MC​-​MOOD is Millenium Cowboy's upcoming EP which comes out in its entirety on August 14th, 2020 through Magnetic Dreams.

The extensive Wilson Tanner expresses much of the artist's exploratory and improvisational side in its nine-minute fullness, and whilst being an exercise on a single lyrical thought, the piece lays out its immersive ambiance and melancholy in its instrumental richness, bringing about something that at length feels very much entrancing and hypnotic.

Each track on the coming EP was finished within a 24-hour period during lockdown which has been a rather challenging period for the artist. Similarly, the beautiful clip which accompanies Wilson Tanner was also created within 24 hours by Fraser-Barbour herself, making use of the ends of some of her Super 8 films she shot on tour.

Cover art by Tyrone Ormsby

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