Holy Motors: Country Church

Following their acclaimed debut, Slow Sundown, from 2018, Estonia's Holy Motors will be returning with their upcoming LP, Horse, expected to come out October 16th, 2020 through Wharf Cat Records.

Through the first single, Country Church, the band seem to be taking their dreampop sound through a straightforward country/Americana approach, and even try their hand at a western themed video, exercising their American influences which they have always put to great use.

"Country Church was written while we were driving from Tennessee to Texas," guitarist Lauri Raus says of the new song. "It's our own spin of a country tune. Its about failing romantic relationships and the profound mental blues. It’s an honest one. Dealing with a failing romantic relationship and how low that gets you. Maybe that’s the whole reason as to why it came out in country-style guitar little bit. Because country music is just three chords and the truth, right?"


Video by Eliann Tulve and Grete Ly Valing


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