Ganser: Projector

Ganser unveil another single and accompanying clip, just a few days ahead of the release of their anticipated sophomore full length, Just Look At That Sky, which arrives July 31st. 2020 through Felte Records.

Projector is a driving post punk cut fueled with notions of nihilism, existential dread and lyrical wit, and comes very much on par with the quality to which we're used from the band's earlier offerings.

Nadia Garofalo, who provides the almost impassive spoken word delivery and stars in the video, describes the new song: "It’s what happens when someone becomes so far removed from general society that their thoughts become a Dunning-Kruger Effect echo chamber of pseudo-wisdom and self-affirmations. Connection and perspective gets lost, but that echo becomes louder and often public. We shot this the day after SXSW was cancelled. We didn’t know what was coming, but we knew it wasn’t going to be good."

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