Emma Ruth Rundle: Staying Power

Emma Ruth Rundle has just released a standalone single, a previously unpublished cut from the recording sessions of her acclaimed latest album, On Dark Horses from 2018. The new track, Staying Power, is something which thematically feels somewhat relevant to the world's current set of circumstances, and a personal piece for its creator.

"There is very little mystery as to what this song is about," ERR explains. "The lyrics are not metaphorical. It’s about being a touring musician and trying to survive, to conjure the self discipline to go on without sacrificing sensitivity. How we can become hardened as a result of constantly selling our feelings, how I didn’t want that to happen to me but could feel the callousness building. It’s also about the financial feast or famine and whether a little immediate monetary gain is worth the expenditure of youth. It’s about wondering how long I might be allowed to do this and the fear that it could end at any moment—  with Covid, the song has some renewed relevance in that regard. It talks about what it means to endure and what the rewards and consequences of such persistence might be."

Artist photo by Geert Breakers

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