Deafbrick: Força Bruta

Two forces of noise rock heaviness team up for the release of a very interesting collaborating project. Extreme noise rockers Deafkids, and Wayne Adams and Iggor Cavalera's Petbrick come together as Deafbrick, and reveal a relentless piece of industrial noise, hardcore punk and psychedelic metal energy. Força Bruta introduces the project's self-titled album, expected out September 4th, 2020.

The two parts collaborated for the first time at Roadburn Festival, and the good chemistry between them was the reason they decided to create a whole album together.

For Roadburn we just did a few versions of our own songs but as a five piece,” says Wayne Adams, also of Big Lad, Death Pedals and more. “We had so much fun doing the collab and there was a real chemistry between the five of us, so it seemed like a natural progression to actually get into a studio together and write a record.

After we saw how cool our connection was, we decided to go for a complete three days of total exchange of ideas in the studio, without limitations or preconceptions. Total freedom.” says Iggor Cavalera, a legendary musician and huge part of extreme metal history with Sepultura.

We managed to pull together 80% of the record in three days,” Wayne adds. “Deafkids where over for a show so we managed to carve out a bit of time in all our diaries and jumped in. It was an amazing session - everyone was on top form and the creativity was flowing! I think I had done a couple of really basic electronic riffs to give us a starting point but within a couple of hours we were flying.

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