Waive Your Share III // The Return Of Bandcamp Friday

For the entire 24 hours of June 5th, 2020 Pacific Time, the third Bandcamp Friday returns with the platform again waiving its share of sales to support artists impacted by COVID-19. There will be one more of these, already scheduled for July 3rd, 2020, while in between, for Juneteenth (June 19th, 2020) Bandcamp has arranged to donate 100% of its share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, an organization known for its effective fight for racial justice. However, some of this very Friday's proceeds will go to racial justice charities and bail funds, depending on the artist or label.

Similarly to the first couple of times, we selected a series of released from the third Bandcamp Friday which we find exceptional. We didn't have to dig very deep to find them, and there are plenty more worth the while.

In addition to the following entries, look out for Monolord, Deafkids, Old Man Gloom, Lightning Bolt, more from Sige Records and Sub Pop, a Z Tapes compilation, Nothing who didn't wait for Friday, and many more.

10. Various Artists: Brutal Panda 2020 Label Sampler

Heavy independent label from Philadelphia put together a very full label sampler including their entire roster of artists, including Local H, Ruby The Hatchet, Moon Destroys and many more. Their proceeds will benefit Campaign Zero and the label will match all contributions.

9. Mamiffer: Instrumentals from The World Unseen recording sessions

Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner's Mamiffer released their fourth full length, The World Unseen, in 2016, and now they presents a different rendition of it through instrumentals piece's off the album's recording sessions.

8. Mr. Bungle: USA

Mr. Bungle returned with their first recording since 1999, and cover The Exploited's USA, originally on the band's 1982 LP, Troops Of Tomorrow.  The current incarnation of Mr Bungle includes original members Trevor Dunn, Mike Patton and Trey Spruance, alongside metal icons Scott Ian (Anthrax, S.O.D.) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies), "Doesn't matter what part of the political spectrum you are on," says Trey Spruance. "Everyone at some point has said 'Fuck the USA'. The closest thing we have to a universal sentiment."

7. Various Artists: SIDES 1​-​4

Originally released in 1995, Skin Graft Recors' SIDES 1​-​4, is a double seven inch single and comic book set to which four great bands contribute, covering songs by AC/DC. The label's series of seven-inch + comic book sets has a few more installments worth checking out from UFO or Die, Brise-Glace, and U.S. Maple. The last two are also included in the AC/DC tribute alongside Big'n and Shellac.

6. Mudhoney: Live Mud

Mudhoney's Live Mud was recorded in 2005 and originally released on vinyl only in 2007. It's a fine documentation of the great band's raw live energy which Sub Pop unearths for a first time digital release.

5. Lacing: Other

Chattanooga shoegazers, Lacing, released a six-song compilation of demos and live recordings, offering a different, more intimate aspect of their sound, being fresh off a wonderful full length that was last year's Without.

4. Pelican: B​-​Sides and Other Rarities

Groundbreaking post rock/metal band, Pelican, compiled an eight-song release of b-sides and live recordings, including material which goes as far as 2009, and a guest vocal appearance from Allen Epley of post hardcore band, Shiner. Pelican's release will benefit Color of Change.

3. Windy and Carl: Unreleased Home Recordings 1992​-​1995

A very much loaded 3CD collection, Windy & Carl's Unreleased Home Recordings 1992​-​1995, is exactly what the title says; a collection of the duo's demos from their early period. "Demos of tracks and songs no one has ever heard but us," Windy Weber describes. "They were all made with that method of boombox to tape deck and back, some times many times, to create all the layers you hear. It's primitive, but effective, and was the beginning of our decades worth of musical creations. Back then - we did not let much get in the way of making music. We had next to no gear, nothing special to record on or with, and just a lot of ideas about what sounded cool or could be created out of thin air."

2. Protomartyr: Old Spool and Gurges 1

While they prepare for the release of their anticipated next album, Ultimate Success Today, one of the best punk bands in the world right now surprisingly put out a digital single featuring two older cuts, 2016's Born To Be Wine and French Poet from 2013. This release will benefit the LGBTQ Freedom Fund and Detroit Justice Center.

1. Elizabeth Colour Wheel: Live/Demos

Elizabeth Colour Wheel who last year put out one of the grandest debut album's in recent memory, make available a wonderful release of live recordings and demos, including a cover of a Melvins song. The catch is that this is going to be available for 24 hours only. Its proceeds will benefit the ActBlue bail funds.

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