Taverns: Void Trippers

A new sludgy rock 'n' roll act has emerged, brightly messing around with the genre's tropes and main notions, while coming up with something incredibly heavy and fresh. Taverns come from Chattanooga, TN, and their sound blends components from southern rock, stoner metal, sludge and rock 'n' roll, generating massiveness that doesn't stand far from that of High On Fire, Weedeater and the like.

With a very much memorable riff and through a frantic performance, Void Trippers comes from the band's self-titled EP from 2019. "The song revolves around the helplessness of substance abuse as both a poison to ones mortality as well as their morality," the band describe the track whose energy is remarkable and corresponding to its uplifting accompanying clip, composed of raw live footage.

Video directed by Derek Michael Burgess

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