Human Impact: Transist/Subversion

Noise rock supergroup, Human Impact, continue their very much productive path after the release of their self titled album, an  reveal a couple of new songs, the standalone singles, Transist and Subversion, both of which come perfectly compatible with the band's ardor, and their social and political consciousness, although fundamentally different from one another.

"Transist was from a group of songs that we recorded and mixed just prior to the current pandemic," the band explain. "The song is a reflection on what the world looks like as things fall apart. Our broken ideals, the unstable foundations of our civilization, our trusting dependence on technology and our subservience to the ruling governments/corporations. The shining object held up by society that will never be realized.  All creating a pressing need for change."

"Subversion emerged from a 30 minute intro from our last live show (on March 14)," they continue to describe the more atmospheric and experimental track. "We started that show with a 30 minute improv noise/ambient set. All members of the band have varied histories in soundtrack work and scoring music to picture. We look forward to getting back to live shows and expanding on this more."

Artist photo by Michael Jung

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