Executioner's Mask: Bury Me A Grave

Jay Gambit (Crowhurst), Ryan Wilson (Intestinal Disgorge) and Craig Mickle (LACE, Cop Warmth) comprise Executioner's Mask, a dark post punk act which introduced its coming album, Despair Anthems, a month ago with the hard hitting first single, No Funeral. New track, Bury Me A Grave, is another gloomy demonstrator of the band's thrilling sound, by virtue of an imposing vocal delivery and an overall very much moody atmosphere.

"While we had scheduled the release of Bury Me A Grave as a single and the Despair Anthems LP pre-order months ago, infinitely more important things have been happening in the world," says Jesse Howard (J.G.). "The bubble of white supremacy has been expanding for over 300 years, and while the battle for equality is far from over - the least we can do is contribute towards the fight against bigotry and injustice. We encourage everyone to do whatever you can in order to fight, be it with your time, money or resources. For George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, for every name we know and those whose don’t get publicized - silence is violence. Raise your voice."

On grounds of the third Bandcamp Friday June 5th, 2020, Executioner’s Mask and Profound Lore donate 100% of digital Bandcamp sales of Bury Me A Grave to Black Lives Matter.

Despair Anthems comes out July 10th, 2020 through Profound Lore.

Band photo courtesy of Indie Publicity

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