Erik Holger: All You Desire

Not longer after the release of his very fine debut piece of psych pop goodness, Born Again, Swedish artist, Erik Holger, returned with All You Desire, a new single which carries its hypnagogic pop and chillwave qualities very well, and becomes a prominent number of incisive lofi/DIY experimentation. The new song doesn't repress any of the melancholy and the quirky characteristics which made the artist's impressive previous offering stand out, as this time around Holger's songwriting seems to be taking an even moodier direction.

"The song is about trying to get through difficult times without becoming less of a person," Erik describes.

Holger has earned most of his early experience through underground bands, and now expands his creative vision through his solo endeavors which are released on the fairly new and on the rise label, Feverish.

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