Cults: Spit You Out

Ever since their almost decade old, and rightfully very successful debut album, New York's Cults have been consistently coming through with more of their soulful pop, having released two more full lengths, as well as their own version of The Motels' first record for the Turntable Kitchen series. Three years after their latest canonical album Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion return with a new single, the propulsive and melodious Spit You Out, and its accompanying video which gives out an ASMR feel and features Follin eating and spitting out food in front of Zoom default backgrounds.

"On this single we tried on some of our more left field influences from the exotica sounds of Esquivel to Nine Inch Nails style heaviness," the duo reveal in a joint statement. "It focuses on parasitic relationships and breaking away from toxic patterns of interaction. We never imagined it would relate to a worldwide pandemic."

"In the past, I’d never brought my own music to the table because I was just too shy," Madeline Follin says, as Spit You Out is the first Cults track entirely co-written, performed, sung, co-produced by her.


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