Vision Video: In My Side

Emerging from Athens, Georgia with an impressive debut single, Vision Video draw from the post punk and new wave vanguard to come up with their own goth pop sound and bold aesthetics, as they raise the bar for their upcoming LP off the bat.

Vocalist and guitarist Dusty Gannon bases the sentimentality of his lyrical content to his own experiences from his time as a combat veteran, and later as a firefighter and paramedic. The kind of romanticism that dwells in Vision Video's song-craft is also evident in Gannon and the band's expressive performance, and their good ear for production.

In My Side is a jangly piece with a dark perspective which oscillates between power pop and new wave, instantly giving the impression of a darkwave classic primarily attributable to the familiarity and the accessibility emitted through its structure and overall essence. The song feels redolent of that same combination of properties previously found in bands like Siouxsie & The Banshees and Echo & The Bunnymen, while the playful slasher horror overtones result in the whole thing creating the impression of something even richer and superbly realized.

Vision Video are Dusty Gannon (vocals, guitar), Emily Fredock (vocals, keys), Jason Fusco (vocals, drums) and Dan Geller (bass).

Cover Art by Ryan Dunn

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