The Lungs: Mind Reaper

Los Angeles punks, The Lungs, reveal the first in a series of releases which will lead to their upcoming debut LP. Mind Reaper is and angry and anxious killer piece of traditional punk and post hardcore grittiness and fortitude, and through its speed, its density and the overall anger which runs through its entirely, it puts forth The Lungs as a very promising punk act.

"This cut is another of our songs about a not-so-far off, dystopian future, but structured around a bouncy riff," the band share. "The antagonist, the Mind Reaper, believes that knowledge and dissidence are equivalent.  The Reaper silences thoughts to stop momentum. The Reaper resents when people align thoughts with fact. The protagonist has a searing knowledge, that when embraced, can vindicate the fallen and save her people and more..."

The Lungs are Trevor and Dylan Howard, and Billy Goldstein.The band's forthcoming debut will be following their self-titled EP from 2017,  2018’s Bodysnatchers EP, and a seven-inch split with Total Massacre from 2019.

Cover art by Kronendrome

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