Tales of Murder and Dust: Fragile Absolutes

Danish band Tales Of Murder And Dust already have two full length albums and two EPs behind them, all of high standing and very much worth exploring. The band will be releasing their upcoming third full length, Fragile Absolutes, on May 28th, 2020.

Five years in the making, the coming LP was written and produced by TOMAD themselves, recorded at the Tapetown studio, an underground indie rock staple for the band's hometown of Aarhus, Denmark.

Previously introduced with first single, Distances, the album has its title track just unveiled to confirm the band's even darker and moodier new direction, with its imposing vocals and atmospheric instrumentals eminently manifesting, conveying the impression of something really somber and profound that could easily justify any raveled term which would connect adjectives like experimental, post, alternative, cinematic, dark, psychedelic and doom.

Tales Of Murder And Dust are currently composed of Christian Sinding S√łndergaard, Jacob Korsgaard Jensen, Ess Beck and Rasmus Aaen Jensen.

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