SAAVIK: He's Dead Jim

With a genre defying mindset which feels firmly established on noise rock and deftly implicates elements from punk, industrial, doom and sludge metal, Miami's SAAVIK will be releasing their first, self-titled EP on May 8th, 2020.

Including members who have been involved in estimable groups like Holly Hunt, Bleeth, Laboratory, Haochi, Beings, Cavity, and Floor. the new band's sound comes across incredibly weighty and abundant in distortion and nerve, bringing to mind past greats like Harvey Milk, The Jesus Lizard or Swans, while thematically the band draws inspiration from the fictional worlds of writers such as Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry and HP Lovecraft, to chronicle the "story of a leader who’s lost their way."

Opening number, He's Dead Jim, is a seven-minute epic heavy noise rocker which constitutes proof of the newfound band's heaviness and distinction, and begins the concept release's narrative in a staggering manner.

SAAVIK  are Didi Aragon (bass), Beatriz Monteavaro (drums), Gavin Perry (guitars) and Ryan Rivas (synths, vocals).

Cover art by Beatriz Monteavaro
Artist photo by Teajay Smith

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