Holyhead: Alive

Holyhead are a very freshly formed dreampop quartet based in Olympia, Washington who cite influence from the post punk and shoegaze-bent indie rock of the nineties. Only a couple of months after the group's inception, Holyhead already released their first, self-titled EP in the form of a demo tape issued by the reputable Washington label, 2060 Records.

The four-track release was recorded at Mahayana Studio in Olympia on a Tascam 424, and comes manifestly expressive of the newfound band's partiality to a super gritty sound which goes across grunge and psychedelic dreampop territories, not much unlike what some of the band's labelmates like Acid Smoker and Molten Salt have to offer. Introductory piece, Alive, pours forth ample gazey grit, and comes full of raw and earthy appeal.

Holyhead are composed of Madi Erbe (guitar, vocals), Jack Moriarity (drums), John Winter (bass, synth) and Robby Cochran (guitar, vocals).

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