Groupie: Half Wave

Brooklyn band, Groupie, play a lively version of time honored post punk, and come with a riot grrrl mindset equivalent to that of genre greats, Bikini Kill and The Raincoats, while in today's terms their sound parallels to acts such as Mannequin Pussy, Death Valley Girls and Priests.

Ephemeral will be Groupie's debut full length, due out later in 2020, and introduced by first single, Half Wave, a bittersweet, almost sardonic piece of punk vigor which comments on faulty relationships, the setting of standards and lack of perfection.

"A guy that didn't even know how to cook eggs cheated on me twice, so I wrote this surfy, poppy song as a reminder to have some standards while dating, and until I find someone worthwhile, just dance around," vocalist and bassist Ashley Kossakowski remarks.

Groupie have shared stages thus far with the aforementioned Death Valley Girls and Priests, as well as Empath, Ratboys, Downtown Boys and Sadie of Speedy Ortiz. Half Wave is their first piece of new material since their 2018 EP, Validated.


Cover art by Johanna

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