Executioner's Mask: No Funeral

Drawing from deathrock and gothic post punk, Philadelphia band, Executioner's Mask, emerge composed of members from Crowhurst, LACE and Intestinal Disgorge. The band's first album, Despair Anthems, comes out July 10th, 2020 on Profound Lore, and includes re-worked versions from tracks off the band's 2018 demo EP, True Blue, alongside seven new songs. It all comes together under the production of Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, Nothing) and Ryan Schwabe (Big Thief, Algernon Caldweller), in what overall comes across as one of the most aspiring dark revelations of the year,

Executioner’s Mask consist of Jay Gambit (vocals, synth), Ryan Wilson (drum programming, synth) and Craig Mickle (guitar), alongside Mac Stephens (guitar) and Jason Duarte (bass, synth) who contribute to the album, while Samus Clintonov (drums), Joshua Bosarge (bass) and Jim Reed (guitar) strengthen the band's live lineup.

The gothic rock bluntness of first single, No Funeral, owes its weight to partially to the song's piercing production and instrumental stress, and also the the impact of an undeniably winsome, darkly crooning vocal coming from the vocalist of the experimental metal act, Crowhurst.

Band photo courtesy of Indie Publicity

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