Crystal Shipsss: Fire

Inspired by the world of Twin Peaks, Fire was initially issued as part of a compilation by French publication indierockmag, themed on the classic show. The song which is a collaboration between the sole member of Crystal Shipsss, Jacob Faurholt, and Jens Christian Madsen of the Copenhagen based electronic outfit Tjaere+Fjer, now finds its was on the upcoming Crystal Shipsss album, Scorched, arriving four years after the previous, Holly.

Scorched sees the sound of Crystal Shipsss going back to their earlier material, largely because of the fact that it consists of unreleased recordings from their past albums, with some songs having been reworked and others remaining intact.

Much like the work of some of the artists with whom he's collaborated before, such as Nadja's Aidan Baker and Khanate's (and overall super producer) James Plotkin, Faurholt's sound and songwriting are multifarious, diversified, unsettled and not so easy to pinpoint.

Fire makes pristine use of a stellar influence expanding on monotony and ambiguity, and it's an all around thrilling listen.

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