Victim Unit: Vagabond

Genre defying, experimental duo, Victim Unit, will bring the force and intensity of their harsh noise sound to the fullest extent on their upcoming debut EP, Hopeless Failure, expected out on July 3rd, 2020. The EP will be released on the band's own imprint, Hibernacula Records, while the tape release will come out through Affair Records on the same date.

An amalgam of industrial, grindcore, noise and extreme metal, the new EP addresses existential concepts revolving around mental health and anguish, and it's introduced with Vagabond, a vicious piece, tough to take in, and absorbing from end to end, primarily for its well presented cacophony, and the snarling vocals which are impossible to unmind.

"Hopeless Failure combines both of our influences but also expands into a sound I never thought we would be capable of creating," the band's own Danny Page (also of Negative Thought Process) comments on the new EP. "I feel like we’ve genuinely created Depressive, Aggressive Noise."

Victim Unit is comprosed of Lotta Ridgley (vocals, programming) and Danny Page (guitars, production).

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