The Vacant Lots: Rescue

New York-based electro post punk duo, The Vacant Lots, have released albums, EPs and singles with a few noteworthy labels, including Sonic Cathedral, Metropolis, Reverberation Appreciation Society and Fuzz Club. They return with their third full length, Interzone, which releases June 26th, 2020 through Fuzz Club Records.

"Interzone is like existing between two zones," the group's own, Jared Artaud says. "Interzone doesn't mean one thing. It can mean different things to different people depending on their interpretation. Working on this album was a constant struggle reconciling internal conflicts with all that’s going on externally in the world. Interzone in one word is duality."

First single, Rescue, is a brilliant sonic assault composed of rock 'n' roll vibrancy and rich electronic production, in the same vein as the more accessible aspect of Suicide or the more playful semblance of A Place To Bury Strangers. Merging post punk with psychedelic garage rock and darkwave, the compact three-minute track is a superb indicator of the band's capabilities and the driving energy which epitomizes their sound.

"Jared and I bounced ideas back and forth while working in seclusion on opposite coasts," says the band's other half, Brian MacFadyen about the new album's creation. "We would just send files to each other until the songs were arranged. Then we met up at the studio in Brooklyn where we were fortunate enough to borrow Alan Vega’s Arp synth and finished recording with engineer Ted Young. We then worked with Maurizio Baggio to mix it."

In the past The Vacant Lots have collaborated with Sonic Boom, Alan Vega and Anton Newcombe, and shared stages with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Suicide, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Growlers, Dean Wareham, The Dandy Warhols, and Spectrum.

Cover art by wwwdiyli
Artist photo by shadowtime

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