The Know: Someday Maybe

Where the acute fuzz of The Jesus And Mary Chain meets with the ageless soul pop of the sixties, comes Someday Maybe, the newest track by LA dreampop duo, The Know, who have been on a steady rise following their first couple of singles, 143 and Hold Me Like You Know Me.

The band's newest song finds them sounding even hazier than before, and still dreamlike and exceedingly emotive, as the noisiness of the song's production and its instrumentals fall in with the soft vocals of Jennifer Farmer in a faultless juxtaposition.

Someday Maybe deals with the potential one perceives when they meet with someone with whom they suspect a big connection, and consequently refers to the husband and wife duo's own bond. The song comes with an accompanying video, once again directed by Farmer who's three for three on The Know's visual front, and it features Howard Hordoh aka 'The LA Rocker', a prominent figure among the local Los Angeles music scene.

The Know's debut EP, wearetheknow, is expected out May 18th, 2020, and it was produced, mixed, and mastered by the band's other half, Daniel Knowles, previously of Amusement Parks on Fire.

Video directed by Jennifer Farmer

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