Shimmerance: Nightcall

Shimmerance is a shoegaze band from Moscow, Russia, active since 2016 and fresh off the release of their self titled debut album. Filled with conceptions and ideas that go beyond the genre's boundaries, Shimmerance is an abundantly fuzzy, reverberating and massive sounding album, very much worth exploring in its entirety.

In case album closer, Nigthcall, sounds familiar, that's because it is a cover of a track from Kavinsky's electro house and synthwave classic LP, OutRun, from 2013. Although the song sounds miles apart from the original, deprived from the electronic production, the processed vocals and the overall idealistic approach, this fine rendition by Shimmerance is still pretty accurate structurally, and it provides the composition with an extra layer of longing and dreaminess which seems well suited to the piece's nightly mood.

Shimmerance's debut full length follows their EP, Bright, from 2017, and presents the band in full capacity and very creative, having gone through adjustments and lineup changes during their adaptive early days when they were still exploring their sound.

Artist photo by Shimmerance

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