Kopper: How Can You Be Sure?

London trio, Kopper, bring their high powered amalgamation of noise rock and post punk to full fruition with their new double single, How Can You Be Sure?/Fake It. Both tracks examine human behavior in relation to integrity and insincerity, and come politically super charged and with a committed existential character.

"It’s our way of investigating the norms around us, allowing us to take note of who is exploitative, in a world where glamour and fame often hosts a shady background of polarisation," says Jon Williams, guitarist, vocalist and main originator of Kopper's ferocious sound. "The song points out the spectrum of shifting morality within people. Ultimately, the track asks how individuals should be wary of the hypocrisy within public figures who often speak with changing degrees of accuracy, and believe to be in a divine right to only be correct."

How Can You Be Sure? creates the impression of something both gratingly raw and memorable, while its lyrics become another of the strongest attributes that Kopper principally present. The song is paired with the more anthemic, Fake It, which may be a tad easier to take in, but which also comes across with a strong message, that of the deceitfulness of the way music is being released in our time, with exposure and demeanor prioritized over the actual content and its quality.

Williams is joined by Ed Smith (vocals, bass) and Tim Robins (drums), rounding up the dynamic three-piece who deserve a nice place among the currently most hopeful up and comers of noise rock.

Cover art by Agathe Pitie

Artist photo by Dom Moss

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