Dendrons: Forgiver

Rising experimental rock act from Chicago, Dendrons, have their anticipated debut full length scheduled to come out on May 22nd, 2020, through Earth Libraries. The band have followed their first single, Dog, with a couple of very promising tracks, the latest of which is Forgiver, a four minute piece of finely forged, gazey psychedelic rock.

Like the previous clip, the song comes with a video composed of beautiful abstract visuals put together by by Glasseye Merchant (Adam Stewart).

Suggestive of the space rock and neo-psychedelic stylings of the early releases by like-minded bands from the nineties which usually derived from the UK, Dendrons' sound also incorporates noticeable elements from shoegaze, bringing about something creatively hefty, and worthy of following in the footsteps of acts like Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, Flying Saucer Attack, Loop, and the like.

Video visuals by Glasseye Merchant / Adam Stewart
Cover art by Friends of Order

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