Danzig: One Night

There has been a lot of talk and anticipation about Glenn Danzig's forthcoming album of Elvis Presley covers, while the artist's croon has always been compared to that of Elvis' for very good reason. Danzig Sings Elvis will be out in its entirety on April 17th, 2020 via Cleopatra Records, and it's been introduced with One Night, a strong hit for Elvis from 1958.

One Night was originally performed and released in 1956 by Smiley Lewis, and written by Dave Bartholomew, Pearl King, and Anita Steinman. There have been many covers of it over the years from first rate artists including Fats Domino, Joe Cocker, Guana Batz and more.

Danzig's version leans more on the rawer and gritty punk side of things as anyone would have guessed, and previews an album that's expected to be much fun, while treating a very important part of rock 'n' roll history with devotion and veneration.


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