Unwed Sailor: Camino Reel

On the back of a very strong and satisfying latest full length that was last year's Heavy Age, Seattle post rockers, Unwed Sailor, led by once Perdro The Lion member, Johnathon Ford, return without delay with a new album. Look Alive will be out June 12th, 2020 by Old Bear Records via Light In the Attic distro, and its first representation is the propulsive instrumental, Camino Reel.

Ford's songwriting, whose darker approach epitomized the sound and posture of Heavy Age, now redirects toward a more motivational and confident mindset, as the new songs are themed on personal strength and the concept of overcoming hardship. The post rock profoundness in Unwed Sailor's music is always evident though, as much as it is attainable.

"On the first listen, you might not know what to think about the music, but it draws you in to where you have to think about it," Ford comments. "The records that challenge me on the first listen, the ones that I have to invest my time in, are the ones that mean the most. Over time, you develop a relationship with the music, you have to give your time and energy to the music to hear and fully understand what the music wants to give back to you."

Camino Real is a well defined instrumental bent toward and more traditional and straightforward rock sound, and it comes with a video co-directed by Charles Elmore and Johnathon Ford who describes: "It’s about that moment when you realize that you’re no longer thinking about the darkness but instead, rediscovering yourself and expressing yourself more than you were able to before."

Alongside Jonathon Ford, Unwed Sailor's lineup is completed with drummer Matt Putman, and guitarist David Swatzell.

Video directed by Charles Elmore and Johnathon Ford

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