Thrillsville: So Close

Thrillsville is the darkwave/industrial project of Los Angeles-based artist Rani Sharone, mostly know as a member of Stolen Babies, and also for his collaborations and performances with A-list acts like Puscifer, Marilyn Manson, and Tyler Bates. So Close is Thrillsville's self-produced, terrific latest single which now comes with a mad music video produced by Precious Child.

"It was a lot of fun to play a Gothic curmudgeon who hates sunlight, cats and pastel colors," Sharone comments. "Truth is I love cats and pastel colors!! Guess my membership to Goths' R' Us just got revoked!"

The video is a a genuinely fun gender reveal party parody, and a perfect contrast to the song's dark industrial energy, its Skinny Puppy meets Marilyn Manson through Chemlab essence, and its earworming qualities.

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