Myrkur: Gudernes Vilje

A stripped down to its very core folk tune, Gudernes Vilje is the third single revealed from the forthcoming, Nordic folk album, Folkesange by Amalie Bruun's Myrkur project, following the first two offerings, Ella and Leaves of Yggdrasil. The new song's title translates to 'Will of the Gods', and finds the artist in a minimalistic mode, making the most out a more traditional instrumentation, miles away from the extreme, heavy sound that established her.

"I wrote this song about being given the biggest gift in life and then having it taken away from you," she explains. "'Alt går som Gudernes Vilje' means Everything goes according to the will of the Gods. We are only human and some of the biggest most important things in this life, are completely out of our control."

Artist photo by Shawn Brackbill


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