LLOLLYANNA: Ragdoll Physics

New York lo-fi shoegaze act, Llollyanna, reveal Ragdoll Physics, a great new piece which was recorded during the writing sessions for their upcoming album, and later discarded. Black Adderall, their anticipated full length is expected out later in 2020.

The new song will be available as a free download through the band's Bandcamp, All Llollyanna ask in return is for anyone who pays for their music to instead use the $1 to donate to their local animal shelter.

"Animal shelters have been hit hard by COVID-19 and need all the help they can get," the band state. "I'd also like to add that the animals in these shelters were sitting in their cages before this crisis and many will be sitting there long after the coronavirus is gone. They'll just be sitting there, watching each day go by. So if you are currently self quarantined with the luxury of working from home, please consider calling your local shelter and adopting some company for yourself."

Musically the song carries the psychedelic dreampop dirt that Llollyanna's listeners would expect, heavy on distortion and sweet sounding like every time, and makes one wonder about how such a strong track could be cut off the coming LP.


Cover photo by W. Griswold

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