Jacaszek: November Late

With an extensive body of work which includes movie scores, theater music and ambient/experimental solo records on numerous labels, Polish composer, Jacaszek, seems to have explored many aspects of exploratory ambiance, from cinematic and classical music to the electroacoustic experimental nature of musique concrète. Yet, his releases are always filled with intrigue and magnetism

Jacaszek's upcoming album, Music For Film, will be out on March 27th, 2020 through Ghostly International, and it's a sort of a crossway between the artist's solo material and his film compositions. Originally written for films like Rainer Sarnet’s November from 2017, the Terry Gilliam related documentary He Dreams of Giants from 2019, and the 2008 drama Golgota Wrocławska, the music of Music For Film is now stripped off its context and converted into something entirely autonomous which coheres as an LP of its own.

"I didn’t write to particular scenes," says Jacaszek about the time when he was working on November, the arthouse black-and-white fantasy drama by Estonian director Rainer Sarnet. "He asked me to create a bunch of pieces for a dark fairytale-like movie about love in old Estonian pagan times — full of dark magic, strange beliefs, poverty, grit, and natural beauty."

November Late is a delicate and moving piece which embodies the artist's expertise on textured instrumentation and enchanting structures, and it plays out engagingly whether it is within the concept of a movie, as an album cut or as a standalone composition.

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